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Hosseini Law Firm

Hosseini Law Firm is a small, Canadian-based law firm with a rapidly growing international, multi-jurisdictional, and multidisciplinary practice. Dedicated legal service to small businesses and entrepreneurs is the firm’s primary focus.

Our goal is to bring to our clients the comfort and satisfaction of knowing the right course of action to take in legal matters. Our lawyers and support team are dedicated to getting the answers and results our clients seek. Our services are carefully customized to best suit our clients’ needs, budgets, and expectations.

Our hard working team members and affiliates provide outstanding legal service and support throughout a wide spectrum of practice areas.

Kaspian Law & Consulting

Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is a company founded in Helsinki 2013, which offers a variety of law and consulting services. We are a reliable and solution-oriented partner for companies as well as individual persons. Our services combine the strong international know-how of our personnel and high-quality competence in various branches of law.

The core values of our operations are absolute confidentiality, accountability and, above all, customer interest. We maintain absolute confidentiality in every customer relationship which continues also after the case.

We invest in the easiness of communication between our team and our customers, as best and innovative solutions come from seamless collaboration. Identifying the customers individual needs and goals in addition to our comprehensive services guarantee efficient performance and customer satisfaction.

Mahsa Curci

Located Nationally. Internationally Focused.
At Pavuk, we have a team of lawyers of diverse ethnicity and legal expertise. Irrespective of where you’re located, Pavuk can assist you

We pride ourselves on excellence in client service. With a track record of success, we take the time needed to fully understand your legal position and to provide both clear, understandable advice and strong representation.

Mina Svärd

Mina tog sin examen vid Stockholms universitet och är antagen som ledamot i Sveriges Advokatsamfund. Hon har tidigare arbetat i Thailand på en internationell thailändsk advokatbyrå, samt på en familjerättslig byrå i Sverige.

Efter att ha processat vid dem flesta domstolar runt om i Sverige startade hon år 2011 byrån Mina Advokater i Stockholm som idag även har ett mottagningskontor i Norrköping.

Mina är flerspråkig och talar bland annat flytande persiska. Med en fördjupad utbildning inom barnrätt och processerfarenhet inom området känner hon också till dem bästa tipsen för att hindra det allt svårare samhällsproblem vi står inför med vårdnadstvister.

Därutöver åtar sig Mina uppdrag som offentlig försvarare, särskild företrädare för barn samt målsägandebiträde.

Med en stark förhandlingsförmåga samt hög juridisk kompetens, kan du som klient känna dig trygg med att dina intressen alltid kommer att tillvaratas på bästa sätt.