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Fahimeh Aghamohseni

Our practice is focused on providing individual, couple, and family counselling to adults suffering from:
Anger Management
Anxiety and Fears
Bereavement, Loss, and Grief
Chronic Pain or Illness
Confidence and Self-Esteem
Coping Skills

Another area of our services includes Psychological, Medical-Legal, Psycho-Vocational, Social Work and Driving Anxiety Assessments and treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident Clients. We have been providing psychological counselling for over 20 years with a focus on rehabilitation Psychology and motor vehicle accidents.

Our counselling methods help clients manage accident-related psychological issues such as trauma, stress, pain management, insomnia and accident related nightmares, depression, anxiety, fear of driving, and other concerns. We work together with medical, legal and insurance professionals and conduct assessments within one week of a referral, and provide the referral source with a written report the day following the assessment.”